Asteria Vision Fund Inc. (AVF) is 100% subsidiary of Asteria Corporation (based on Japan).
Following Asteria corporation’s mid-term business plan, Asteria group is more focusing on M&A and investment activities for accelerating our global businesses.
AVF has the mission to invest into “4D” startups for supporting their growth.
“4D” stands for our top priority areas, Data, Device, Decentralized and Design."
Considering current business circumstances with SaaS, companies need not to have their own hardware nor software.
Companies can lease/rent the both of them. Only what companies have is “Data” which is only one asset for them.
AI, Big Data and data related new technologies accelerate the value of data and companies.
IoT devices have being penetrated into our life and will be an infrastructure of the societies in the near future.
Every devices are supporsed to be connected to the network and cloud and sending data which help to make more better life and societies.
We believe societies will become more decentralized from the past centralized world, controlled by a government, a central bank, a few big companies.
Decentralized technologies enable individuals to work and act freely, establishing a team quickly and achieving results speedy.
The blockchain is one of decentralized technology wihch contributes more corporated world.
Usability based on design and UI/UX is one of most important part of software.
Users select software focusing more on design than functions.